Glee Star, Heather Morris chose Bread Basket Cake Company to create a “rustic style” wedding cake. She had a unique vision for her cake that was not the typical tiered style. Rather than stacking the cakes she wanted them separated and individually propped on their own display.

Her displays consisted of small vintage looking crates and tree stumps adding an elegant yet rustic look to the gorgeous Bread Basket Cakes. Another unique twist to these cakes was that each tier was made with a different flavor. The flavors included a white cake with chocolate mousse and raspberry puree, a white cake with strawberries and French whipped cream and the two chocolate cakes with chocolate mousse.

The bride’s top choice was the white cake with chocolate mousse and raspberry puree. The wedding colors were beautifully tied into the cake’s frosting, bringing Heather’s “rustic style” wedding cake vision to life.


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By Michelle Ward Trainor, People Magazine