Organic, Hand-made Dog Treats.

Bruno is an English Golden Retriever that has been part of the owner’s, Gilbert and Paul Delagnes, family and the bakery for almost ten years. While Bruno was growing up he had a very sensitive stomach, especially during the first three to four years of his life.

Paul and Gilbert always wanted to sell cookies for dogs at the Bread Basket and this gave them the inspiration to do so. The owners began formulating several different recipes, baking them and having Bruno test the cookies. After five different recipes were tried they found a winner that Bruno loved that didn’t upset his stomach.

In honor or Bruno, the Bread Basket named their special cookie recipe after their beloved English Golden Retriever. The Bread Basket insists on using only the freshest and most premium natural ingredients in Bruno’s Cookies. Some of the ingredients include gluten-free flour, cranberries, blueberries and one of Bruno’s favorites, chicken stock.

The Bread Basket now sells Bruno’s Cookies at the bakery by the baker’s dozen or in our larger pampered pup pack with a total of 54 cookies. Bruno isn’t too happy about sharing his special treats, but many of our local fury friends love them! Stop in so your dog can enjoy Bruno’s tasty cookies.

Bruno's Cookies come in 2 sizes.

Want more information about Bruno's Cookies?

Want more information about Bruno's Cookies?